Who could follow Kim Jong Un as North Korea's next leader? | DW News


North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has not been seen publicly since chairing a Worker’s Party meeting on April 11. Rumors about his health began swirling after he failed to attend the birthday celebrations of his grandfather and the country’s founder, Kim Il Sung, on April 15, an event that marks the most important day in the North Korean political calendar. Leadership in North Korea has operated as a quasi-monarchy ever since Kim Il Sung took power. Although Kim Jong Un efficiently consolidated power, there is no indication that he designated an heir. The most likely family member to succeed Kim Jong Un as political leader seems to be his sister, Kim Yo Jong.


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  1. Her looks are so scary to the public in North Korea that she may be more of a monster than Kim. Oh please, I hope she wont force them to be her slaves under her dictatorship in her future, they need their freedom out of there.

  2. Just imagine if she by chance did.Well the locals will see executions every month, aptly named,
    PMT Executions .

  3. If he is dead i think it is bad news for south korea and all of world …
    they want Unification and its been going well but..


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